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Office HVAC Upgrade – Cherry Hill, NJ

Elite HVAC took on a project involving a complete Roof Top Heating and Cooling system (RTU), a Variable Air Volume (VAV), and lighting controls upgrade. This three story, 100,000 square foot building in Cherry Hill housed various tenants from the IRS, Homeland and several other organizations.

The property is kept comfortable by seven Carrier WeatherMakers 50 Series, ranging in sizes from 40-50 tons, each equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). Some units were equipped with electric heaters for morning warm up.

With 150 VAVs, some of them with electric backup heaters, the controls system that was in place did not communicate with the Carrier RTUs, and they did not provide any temperatures back to the VAVs.

The old system was a proprietary Building Management System (BMS), and only a few contractors trained in the system could service this setup. With no remote setup to control, view or adjust, the system required a service technician at the property for any adjustment.

Elite HVAC, along with Carrier Building Automations, provided the building’s owner and tenants with a turnkey A-Z solution, including I-Vu controls to operate the seven RTUs, all VAVs, parking lot lights, indoor common area lights, and landscaping water feature controls.

Elite’s crew worked in the building during business hours and after hours when needed, to provide a communication conduit leading from the main controls’ hub to each and every control point. We replaced every existing controller in the building, working around the tenants’ schedules, and keeping the space as if no work had been done.

After the completion of the project, building management now has every temperature setting at their fingertips. With an easy browser setup, all of the controllers can be set, adjusted, and turned on or off with a mobile phone or tablet. Each RTU can ben controlled remotely, and all of the system parameters can be viewed and adjusted. Anyone can now troubleshoot problems from any internet connection.

Since this installation, Elite HVAC has been the service provider for this property for over seven years!

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