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50 Ton Rooftop Unit in Camden, NJ

Elite recently replaced this 5ton rooftop unity in Camden, NJ. In the spring of 2021 Elite acquired a new customer, an older Trane 50-ton Roof Top Unit serving the two-story office building with hot water zones provided via a hot water boiler in the mechanical room.

A York replacement was ordered but due to Covid and supply chain would take months to arrive, Elite was able to preform temporary repairs and some service to allow a 50% cooling capacity.
Upon arrival of the new York RTU we have made the disconnect on a Friday afternoon, early on a Saturday morning the equipment was replaced, and the system was completely operating on Monday when the staff returned.

During the startup performance inspection, the system was dialed in for fresh air allowance to keep the space within the required specification, in addition Elite provided a fall start up to the Weil-McLane 750K BTU hot water boiler, pumps and controls, this same boiler serves as a domestic water heater in addition to providing heating into a hot water coils within the air duct system, the coils were cleaned, and valves tested for proper operation.

The building owner has provided Elite with an agreement to service the building HVAC on an annual basis.

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