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New HVAC System for Pediatric Physical Therapy Center

During a recent project Elite Heating and Air replaced a Lennox Roof Top model LGC210, sized at 17.5 Ton of Cooling. The space, occupied by a pediatric physical therapy uses a Carrier BMS (Building Management Solutions) optimizing air flow management and temperature control, having removed the Lennox RTU we provided an adapter curb, customized for the specific and existing roof opening and existing roof curb, engineered to direct the new air flow physical dimensions as well as weights onto the exiting opening within the roof, savings are huge in labor costs.
As new and updated industry requirements we have provided the new Carrier system with appropriate fresh air flow to achieve those standards, provided with Economizer Sensors & IAQ Devices such as Single dry bulb temperature sensors, Single enthalpy sensors.

As an energy savings feature the factory installed Economizer provides great saving as free cooling during the shoulder seasons, in addition Staged Air Volume (SAV) Indoor Fan Speed System will only provide air flow capacity as needed by a stage temperature controller.

A Barometric relief and Power exhaust will trigger when the building is with access air pressure, reducing air pressures differentials within the space. With a quarterly maintenance program and an experienced service provider the system will provide years of reliable HAVC.

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