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What Does It Mean to Spring Clean Commercial HVAC Units?

Property managers should spring clean commercial hvac units as well as their building in general! Man sweeping floor of building.

After cold, dreary winters, it’s natural for people to want to sweep out the stale dust of hibernation and go out into […]

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Retrofitting in Commercial HVAC: How Can It Help You?

two older brick office buildings appropriate for a retrofit

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, energy efficiency and sustainability are not just buzzwords; they are the keys to a brighter, […]

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Do Air Filters in Commercial Buildings Really Matter That Much?

People gathered in an enclosed office, demonstrating the need for air filters in commercial buildings.

You manage a property that’s filled with offices where people talk, laugh, shout, sing, sneeze, and cough, spraying moisture filled with germs […]

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How Snow Affects Commercial HVAC Systems: Winter in New Jersey

Snow falling under streetlights on city street

Winter is coming to New Jersey! We may have been lulled a bit by the winter of 2023 which was relatively mild […]

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Utilities costing a fortune? How to manage HVAC in low occupancy buildings

low occupancy office with lots of empty cubicles

The cost of heating and cooling low-occupancy buildings This week, I was called to a large office building. I was on the […]

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What’s the Best Way to Heat a Commercial Warehouse?

large commercial warehouse space

What’s the best way to heat a commercial warehouse in New Jersey? It’s a question lots of people are asking now. In […]

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6 Ways Specialized HVAC Systems Save Lives in Healthcare

healthcare worker benefitting from specialized HVAC in healthcare facilities

When we think of healthcare facilities, our minds conjure images of dedicated healthcare professionals, advanced medical equipment, and ongoing patient care. No […]

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Why Heat Exchangers in Rooftop Units Develop Rust and Cracks: Mystery Solved

Heat exchanger with rust and crack in it

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning understands that you are a property manager or a building owner. You keep the facility operating, but […]

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6 Important Actions to Prepare Buildings for Cold Weather

September planner

It’s been a long, hot summer, but fall is coming to South Jersey!  Cool, damp days are on their way, harbingers of […]

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Why Finding and Fixing Refrigerant Leaks Matters More Than You Might Think

detective finding finding refrigerant leaks

HVAC professionals as detectives Did you know that the owners and technicians of the commercial HVAC industry often take on the role […]

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