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How Routine Maintenance on Commercial HVAC Saves You Big Money 

There’s more to property management than how clean a building looks or how beautifully it’s landscaped. Property management goes way beyond aesthetics; it’s also about ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of your tenants. To do that, there is no strategy more effective than routine maintenance on the HVAC system, especially taking care of the condenser coils in your unit.  Not only is it good for your tenants, but routine maintenance on commercial HVAC saves you big money! 

How Routine Maintenance on Commercial HVAC Saves You Big Money Big Money  

Cost Savings 

Routine AC maintenance isn’t just a chore; it’s an investment. If you’ve ever wanted to SAVE money, call Elite Heating and Air Conditioning for a Customized Care Plan! Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on preventive HVAC maintenance, you can save up to $4 in avoided breakdown and repair costs.  Imagine redirecting those savings toward other property improvements! 

Energy Efficiency 

A well-maintained system operates efficiently, translating to lower utility bills. Dirty filters, clogged coils, and worn-out components force your AC to work harder, consuming more energy. Regular tune-ups keep your system lean and mean.  

Systems working at maximum efficiency use 20%-30% less energy than poorly maintained systems.  It’s another example of how routine maintenance on commercial maintenance saves you big money!  

Extended Lifespan 

 Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature system failure. By addressing minor issues promptly, you extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. You eliminate downtime. You solve issues by fixing small problems before they become huge headaches.  

The average commercial system has a lifespan of 15-20 years, but routine maintenance has been proven to extend that. Think of systematic check-ups on your heating and air conditioning as a long-term investment in tenant satisfaction and a straightforward way to make your equipment last several years longer.  Giving your system longevity is a huge cost savings!  

Are you careful about the condition of condenser coils? 

Condenser coils are located outside your building. Most buildings have rooftop units, but some have units placed outside on the ground. The condenser coils’ purpose is to release the refrigerant that has absorbed heat pulled from the inside of the building. The process creates cool air that gets circulated back into the building.  

If condenser coils are made of metal and housed in an outside unit, what could damage them?  

Common Causes of Condenser Coil Damage 


Over time, condenser coils can corrode due to exposure to outdoor elements. (Think of being exposed to all kinds of weather, all kinds of temperatures, and all kinds of pollution!)  Corrosion leads to small holes or cracks, allowing refrigerant to escape. Regular cleaning and protective coatings mitigate this risk. 

Physical Damage 

Accidental bumps or bends can harm condenser coils.  Even a minor dent can disrupt heat exchange efficiency. If a unit is hit by storm debris or bumped by trashcans, furniture, or other equipment, damage might occur.  

Blocked Airflow 

Nearby plants, trees, or debris obstructing the condenser unit impede airflow. Proper clearance ensures efficient heat transfer. Make sure the unit has sufficient clearance around it. If it’s a ground unit, regularly trim vegetation around the unit. 

The Impact of Dirty or Damaged Coils 

Not only can damaged coils affect efficiency, but dirty ones can, too! 

 Dirty coils hinder heat dissipation. When condenser coils accumulate dust and dirt, they act as insulation, inhibiting heat release. The result? Your air conditioner delivers warm air instead of cool comfort. 

Neglected coils lead to breakdowns. Leaks from damaged coils can cause your air conditioner to stop working altogether. Addressing leaks promptly prevents costly repairs. You might not know if your condenser coils are dirty or damaged unless you have routine maintenance from Elite Heating and Air Conditioning.  

Caring for Rooftop Condenser Coils 

Unless you know exactly what to check for, what kind of cleansers to use, what kind of tool you use to clean the dust and dirt, or what a coil leak looks like, your best bet is to schedule routine maintenance twice a year from a professional HVAC technician.   

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning offers Customized Commercial Care Plans. We tailor a plan specifically for your building, considering the layout of your building, the systems you have, and the purpose of your facility…because no two buildings are alike!  

Call us to schedule routine maintenance on commercial HVAC, give your condensers the care they need, and save you big money! 

Remember, well-maintained air conditioning systems keep tenants happy and reduce operational costs, saving you big money!  

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