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What’s the lifespan of a commercial HVAC system?

Did you know that the giant sequoias of California live to be 3000 years old?

Or that the Bowhead Whale lives to be more than two hundred?

The average lifespan of a human male is 73.5 years.

But what’s the lifespan of a commercial HVAC system?

The Numbers Game: Average Lifespan of a commercial HVAC system

Of course, there are variables. Climate, sizing, installation, and maintenance all affect how long your system will “live.” But let’s cut to the chase. The average lifespan of commercial HVAC is 15-20 years.

Yes, that’s right! These giants can serve you for two decades if treated well.

The Maintenance Mandate

It’s a proven fact that routine maintenance prevents breakdowns. Finding and fixing small, emerging problems before they become major emergencies makes good sense. Smart business owners and property managers understand the power of service checks with an experienced, reliable company like Elite Heating and Air Conditioning.

Elite’s Service Contracts are customized for each business. We evaluate the size, layout, and purpose of your building and develop a plan specifically for your property…because no two buildings are alike! Service contracts include annual or bi-annual check-ups on your system.

Filthy Filters?

Property managers can extend the lifespan of a commercial HVAC system simply by changing air filters on a routine basis.

Changing filters frequently improves the efficiency of your system and enhances the inside air quality of your building. One means lower costs for you. The other means happier tenants!

You do not need special training or certificates to change air filters. Good property managers and their maintenance staff change the filters on a schedule, usually monthly or bimonthly. They don’t wait for the twice-a-year service from Elite because filters get too dirty in that time frame.

The cleaner your filters are, the less hard they work. The less they work, the more money you save!

The importance of proper installation in extending the lifespan of commercial HVAC systems

Quality installation sets the stage:

Size is everything. Skilled HVAC professionals know how to accurately size a unit for the square footage, demands, and purpose of your property. Units need to be the correct size, not too big or too small. Oversizing or under-sizing results in poor temperature control and increased costs.

What stresses a commercial HVAC system?

Life isn’t all sunshine and cool breezes:

Here in the South Jersey area, we get hot summers, typically ranging from the low to upper 80s. But predictions are that the world is getting hotter, and our temperatures will increase. Snow, rain, and winds buffet our outdoor units. Rooftop units, especially, are at the front of the battle as the elements come down from the sky!

HVAC equipment is subject to chemical fumes, air pollution, smoke, dust, and humidity.

Think of the wear and tear on our bodies as we age. Commercial HVAC systems are no different. Parts wear out. Rust forms. Cracks occur. 

We get physicals to check on our health. HVAC systems need routine check-ups, too, which give them the strength to continually battle the elements!

Increasing the longevity of commercial HVAC systems

In addition to providing routine maintenance on an HVAC to extend its life, you can also do a retrofit.

“Retrofitting” means putting new technology and parts into an aging system. Think of it like getting a knee replacement. The old, damaged part is replaced, and you can continue on without pain. Older HVAC units, too, get a new lease on life with the infusion of fresh new equipment.

Retrofitting extends lifespan without the higher cost of replacing the entire system.  

When to Say Goodbye

Listen to the whispers of time. If your HVAC is on a first-name basis with the repair crew, it’s waving goodbye. If your utility bills have skyrocketed, you know that your system is working overtime, trying desperately to do a job it can no longer do.

Here’s the good news!

HVAC manufacturers are producing fantastic new equipment that is energy-efficient, powerful, and kind to the environment. 

Tax credits are available for new installations of heat pumps and heat-pump water heaters.

Some areas and/or utility companies have incentives for the installation of energy-efficient equipment.

If your old commercial HVAC has given up the ghost, your new system will be even better, stronger, and last even longer – provided you take good care of it.

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning

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