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Six Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful for Commercial HVAC Systems

At Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for our family, friends, food, and even football. We’re grateful for our health, our homes, and our heritage. But have you ever thought about how thankful we should be for commercial HVAC systems?

Our lives are so much easier because we can control the indoor environment around us! Imagine going to work in a big unheated warehouse in a New Jersey winter. Your fingers would be frozen, your nose would be red and runny, and you’d be stomping your feet to keep them warm. Being cold is not conducive to productivity. Thank goodness for commercial heat!

Here are six reasons why we’re grateful for commercial HVAC systems:

ONE: Preserving Cultural Treasures

What if the great masterpieces of the world were disintegrating?

That’s what would happen without commercial HVAC systems.

Today, air conditioning units protect the intellectual and creative treasures housed in museums, art galleries, universities, and libraries all over the world, preserving them for future generations.

Modern heating and cooling equipment eliminates mildew, mold, dryness, and breakage because it controls temperatures and humidity.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Uffizi in Florence, Italy. The British Museum in London. Thousands of institutions around the world rely on modern HVAC equipment to safeguard treasures – and make their guests more comfortable! Commercial HVAC maintains precise temperature and humidity levels, preserving and protecting priceless artworks.

Without these HVAC systems, maintaining the integrity of collections would be an impossible task.

TWO: Ensuring Medication Quality

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on air conditioning and heating systems to maintain pure air quality, free from microorganisms and dust. Medications must be produced under strictly controlled temperature conditions. Vaccines must be stored at certain temperatures to retain their effectiveness.

Commercial HVAC systems make the manufacturing and storage of medicines possible. They regulate temperature, air pressure, and humidity, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the drugs we need to fight infections and save lives. Pharmaceutical companies list the HVAC system as

“one of the most vital elements in the manufacturing process.”

THREE: More comfortable life made possible in all regions

Think about this.

People now live in the coldest regions of the world. They also live in the hottest regions of the world.

All because of modern HVAC!

Historians note that the population boom and expansion of industry in Florida and other areas of the deep South would never have happened if Willis Carrier hadn’t invented air conditioning. No one would want to live there in the heat and humidity if they couldn’t cool their homes!

FOUR: Air Conditioning Affected Architecture

The advent of air conditioning influenced the design of homes and buildings.

Historically, houses featured features like tall ceilings, doors that allowed for cross breezes, transom windows, breezeways, and sleeping porches to facilitate natural ventilation and cooling.

Today, we rely on air conditioners to circulate air and maintain comfort, sparing us from the discomfort of sleeping on porches and the threat of being a meal for mosquitoes!

FIVE: Fighting Germs (A BIG reason to be thankful for commercial HVAC systems!)

In the midst of a global pandemic, HVAC equipment revealed a superpower. With the help of special HEPA filters and air purification devices like the REME Halo, air conditioners can effectively eliminate germs, including the dreaded COVID virus, reducing their presence by 99.9%.

Some doctors believe that air purification technologies are huge game-changers in the battle against infectious diseases.  These technologies add layers of protection in shared indoor spaces that have not been possible before now.

SIX: Ease of comfort control

The history of air conditioning dates back over 2,000 years when the Egyptians hung up wet cloths and waved a palm frond, pushing moist air around.

Thanks to Willis Carrier, inventor of the modern air conditioner, we’ve come a long way.

Today, air conditioners and heaters are automated. All we have to do is turn a dial or flip a switch. Huge spaces can be controlled and monitored through Building Automation Systems, and different areas can be set at completely different temperatures thanks to “Split systems.”

You may not think about giving being thankful for your HVAC system, but maybe you should.

Our modern HVAC systems enhance our lives, protect our heritage, and ensure our health and comfort.

No matter what kind of building you own…

No matter what kind of property you manage…

No matter what kind of HVAC needs you have…

You’ll be thankful for Elite Heating and Air Conditioning’s expertise, honesty, and concern for you.

“No excuses. Just results.”

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