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What the Future Might Hold for Commercial HVAC Systems? 6 Solid Predictions.


Elite HVAC has been a leader in commercial HVAC since 1996. That’s twenty-seven years of experience, knowledge, training, and reliability. We’ve seen a lot of innovation and progress in almost three decades of doing business.

We never stop watching trends and learning about transformative developments in the industry.

What might the future hold for commercial HVAC? Here are 6 solid predictions.

ONE: Smart Technology

“Smart” technology has penetrated every industry, and the world of HVAC is no exception.

One of the biggest future trends will be investment in smart technology. In fact, by 2027, “smart” HVAC technology is expected to grow to 44.9 BILLION dollars.

“Smart” technology includes thermostats, sensors, and automation that optimize energy use by adjusting temperature settings based on the weather, usage patterns, and whether there are people in the room.

TWO: Alternative Energy Sources

Dependence on fossil fuels will shift, and solar, electromagnetic, and wind energy will come into prominence.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that by 2050, renewable energy could provide over 50% of the world’s heating and cooling needs.

Solar photovoltaic panels will be installed on buildings, both new construction and retrofitted for existing rooftops. These panels have the potential to provide up to 80% of a building’s heating needs.

Wind energy might increase as power agreements from off-site wind farms proliferate, or depending on location, buildings may include their own wind turbine.

The excess energy created from solar and wind would also necessitate on-site storage, resulting in mini-grid systems for individual facilities.

THREE: Decentralized and Modular Systems

Instead of having a centralized system, the commercial systems of the future will become increasingly modular and decentralized.

Smaller, scalable systems will allow for energy optimization as well as easier maintenance, upgrades, and expansions. Because these systems are more flexible than centralized systems, the costs associated with modifications will be decreased, along with less downtime and disruption for businesses undergoing upgrades or repairs to their HVAC system.

FOUR: Improved Indoor Air Quality

The COVID pandemic made us aware of the importance of indoor air quality.

One definite trend for the future of HVAC is ensuring better indoor air quality.

Increasingly effective filters, the use of Ultraviolet light to sterilize the air, and better ventilation will make for healthier buildings and healthier occupants.

FIVE: Predictive Maintenance

The future of commercial HVAC equipment includes technology that calculates predictive maintenance through algorithms and sensors.

By collecting data that reflects the number of hours equipment has operated, the amount of energy it has consumed, and how efficiently it’s operating, predictive maintenance can signal a problem BEFORE it happens.

Predictive maintenance with its use of data and usage patterns can FIX an issue with a piece of equipment before the problem arises, preventing breakdowns, decreasing wear and tear on machinery, and eliminating uncomfortable working conditions.

SIX: Heat Recovery

Wouldn’t it be better to reuse a byproduct than throw it away? Isn’t it better to recycle than to waste?

That’s the theory behind heat recovery. Heat recovery is where the heat generated during the operation of heating or cooling a building is recaptured and redirected. Using this heat can lower overall heating costs.  (Think of it like capturing the warm out that comes out of your clothes dryer and re-routing it to help heat a nearby room.)

The U.S. Department of Energy states that heat recovery can improve HVAC system efficiency by up to 15-40%, and it will definitely be a factor in future HVAC systems.

One Guaranteed Prediction:

We don’t need a crystal ball to predict that it will be hot in South Jersey in the summer and cold in the winter.

We don’t have to be fortune-tellers or scientists to predict that buildings need to be cooled and heated and comfortable in all seasons.

We can make this prediction with absolute certainty:

No matter what kind of HVAC your property requires or what your budget can handle, Elite HVAC will work with you to get the most efficient equipment perfectly suited to the needs of your facility.

No excuses. Just results.

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