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What’s the Perfect HVAC System for a Self-Storage Facility?

Self-storage facilities have become essential in our modern world, providing individuals and businesses with secure spaces to store goods and belongings. One vital element of the project design is finding the perfect HVAC system for self-storage facilities.

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning has twenty-five years of experience working in the commercial sector, and we’re experts in the types of systems and the ones that would work best for particular needs and specific structures. We’re proud to have been chosen as the provider and installer of the HVAC system for this new SafStor, Inc. facility under construction in Somerdale, New Jersey.

We’ll be working with Arco Design/Build Company who is doing the foundational groundwork, laying the slab and preparing the shafts for the building. Storage Building Company, LLC will do the steel framework.

Massive project

SafStor, Inc. is the largest national developer of institutional quality self-storage in the United States.

The new project in Somerdale is a big one, and the size and layout of the project determines the HVAC System chosen. A large building requires a more robust system, and experienced contractors like Elite pay attention to the number of doors, the length of outside walls, and the amount of insulation in the building.

Elite will be installing a Carrier Heat Pump with “Autoformer.” An “autoformer” is a device that stabilizes voltage, preventing electrical surges and spikes. Stabilizing the voltage lowers the cost of operating the system.  Heat pumps are skyrocketing in popularity because they are 3-5 times more efficient than gas furnaces. They reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%. Because a heat pump requires only one unit that can both heat and cool, there is less chance of breakdown.

A bonus is that the installation of a heat pump is eligible for tax credits!

Humidity Control

No one wants to risk having belongings ruined because they get mold and mildew. Documents, artwork, clothing, mattresses, antiques, and leather are especially susceptible to the mold and mildew produced by excessive humidity. That’s why humidity control in self-storage facilities is of the utmost importance.

For this project, Elite will install not one, but EIGHT large capacity dehumidifiers, guaranteeing complete safety of the stored goods for all the tenants.

Building Automation Systems: The Crowning Glory of HVAC Systems for Self-Storage Facilities

In a large facility containing dozens of individual units, each and every area must be monitored and climate-controlled.

That’s where the crowning glory of HVAC for self-storage facilities and other big buildings comes in. It’s a Building Automation System, a BAS for short.

The new SafStor, Inc. facility will be monitored by the Carrier I-vu BAS.

The Carrier I-vu Building Automation System is an awesome technology that makes property management easy and efficient.

This BAS can do all these amazing tasks:

  • Provide you 24/7/365 days a year real-time visibility

  • Monitor temperature, relative humidity, and indoor air quality with high-quality sensors

  • Protect clients against carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs

  • Deliver fresh air at all times and save costs with demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) and integrated economizer control

  • Adjust lighting levels and accommodate room occupancy and natural lighting (daylight harvesting) through integration with your lighting system

  • Tie-in to weather reports to adjust temperatures when necessary

  • Study thermographic floor plan displays

  • Observe the status of every aspect of your building remotely

HVAC Systems for Self-Storage Facilities and Other Commercial Properties

Whether you need the perfect HVAC System for a self-storage facility, a medical center, a senior citizen’s living center, a school, a retail store, or a public building, Elite Heating and Air Conditioning can help.

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