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Why a Ductless System May Be the Best Option for Your Property

You may be an awesome property manager. You might be a fantastic commercial developer. You may even know everything there is to know about dealing with tenants and finalizing all the legal documents.

Because you know so much about the world of facilities management, you may already know about one the most innovative options in the commercial HVAC industry: the ductless, “mini-split” systems.

If you don’t know about them yet, you should because they offer so many benefits.

What is a ductless system?

A ductless system is aptly named because it does not require any ductwork.

This ductless wonder is sometimes called a “mini-split.”

The mini-split, ductless system simply connects the outside compressor/condenser unit to the inside air handler through a small opening in the wall. Multiple inside units can be connected to one outside unit.

A ductless system gives you many benefits and may be the best option for your property.

ONE:  Ductless systems are suited to different kinds of properties

Single-zone mini-split:

If you have a large square or rectangular space without numerous corridors or halls, a single-zone mini-split works great. One outside unit is connected to one inside air handler sized to fit the square footage you’re heating and cooling.

Multi-zone mini-split:

If you have multiple areas to heat and cool, ductless, multi-zoned systems are perfect. A multi-zoned system allows you to connect as many as four different areas to one outside unit.

TWO: Quicker installation

As the name implies, “ductless” systems don’t require major remodeling of your building. We don’t have to get into the ceilings and spend days constructing ducts.

Installation is faster, cleaner, less labor intensive, and far less messy than installing new ductwork or renovating and cleaning existing ductwork.

THREE: Caters to each client

If you have different tenants in each area of your building, ductless systems keep each and every one of them happy. Because each area has its own air handler, each client can set the thermostat in their location to whatever temperature they like.

No more “one setting fits all” dilemmas.

FOUR: Works in most climate zones

No matter where you live, a ductless system can work. Even here in New Jersey where the winters can be brutal, mini-splits work.  As long as the air inside your building doesn’t fall below 30 degrees, a ductless system will perform at 100% effectiveness.

FIVE: Energy-efficient units create cost savings

One reason ductless systems are increasing in popularity is because they are energy-efficient.

Energy efficiency results in long-term cost savings on the ever-increasing utility and fuel bills.

  • Cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 30% because no cool air leaks through the duct junctures.
  • Individual inside air handler units can be adjusted to raise or lower temperatures when tenants aren’t present, saving energy.
  • Units can be equipped with a heat pump which draws heat from the ambient air and decreases the need for energy to heat the air.

SIX: Versatility of a ductless system

Ductless systems can be used to both heat and cool. You don’t need a separate furnace.

The outside compressor/condenser can be hung from the wall of a building, placed on the ground, hung from the ceiling, or situated on a rooftop, making it versatile for all configurations of buildings.

SEVEN: Great Indoor Air Quality

Each unit has its own filters, so the air is “conditioned” more thoroughly than if it were being pushed through one big duct. 

In addition, the air is turned over more often, filtering out the germs and dust more frequently.

Since air isn’t coming from one big central duct where dust and mold can collect, the air you breathe is cleaner.

After COVID, many tenants are interested in the air quality issue. Ductless mini-split systems improve it!

ELITE HVAC knows about ductless systems and all kinds of options for your building.  

We have years of experience in the commercial industry in South Jersey. Call us. We’ll help you find the absolute best option for your property.

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