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Commercial Heat Pumps: 6 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Talk to Elite About Them

Commercial heat pumps are a great investment for building owners.

A year ago, Congress signed into law a bill known as IRA, the Inflation Reduction Act. A major portion of that bill is focused on making America more energy-efficient and reducing our carbon footprint.

How and why does that matter to you?

The Inflation Reduction Act provided $369 BILLION dollars toward incentivizing energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable sources of electricity.

This means that there are now more incentives than ever before to invest in an energy-efficient heat pump for your building.

Heat pumps are definitely the way of the future.

How do commercial heat pumps work?

Basically, heat pumps pull heat out of the air and transfer that heat to where it is needed.  Instead of generating heat, it uses what is already existing in the air and passes it to a heat sink. A heat sink then pushes that heat into a building using either forced air or water-based systems like radiators or radiant floor heat.

A heat pump is similar to geothermal, but not the same. Geothermal systems pull heat from the ground which is a consistent 55 degrees. A heat pump takes its heat from the ambient air.

6 reasons why you’ll want to talk to Elite about commercial heat pumps:

ONE: One system handles two functions

A heat pump is equipped with both a heat exchanger and a condenser, so it can both heat and cool the same space with just one system.

One heat pump is easier to install than two individual systems with separate purposes: one for air cooling and one for heating.

TWO: Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are 3-5 times more efficient than gas furnaces, and their energy output is four times greater than the electricity that’s used to run them.

Lowering energy use is one of the nation’s top priorities with a goal of having net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Heat pumps can help with that. “Waste heat” from data centers or industrial process can help fuel heat pumps, decreasing energy consumption even more.

One study by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that heat pumps can save 50% of energy use compared to traditional heating and cooling systems in commercial buildings.

THREE: Cost Savings

When you don’t have to use fossil fuels to generate heat and are using the earth’s air instead, you can save significant amounts of money on your energy bills.

The Department of Energy found that most commercial buildings can save between 10-40% of the energy bill with heat pumps, and in some cases up to 70% depending on how many variables they monitored.

FOUR: Reduced Emissions

The fewer fossil fuels we use, the lower the amount of toxic emissions we put into our air. The cleaner the air, the lesser the effects of global warming and climate change.

Heat pumps can help us save over 100 million tons of CO2 by 2050 in the U.S. alone!

FIVE:  Low-maintenance

Because commercial heat pumps are really one system instead of two separate systems, they are generally lower maintenance for building owners.

That doesn’t mean that you need NO maintenance, but fewer parts and fewer components mean that there is less that can go wrong with a heat pump, and you will have less downtime with air conditioning and heating emergencies.

SIX: Big incentives and rebates on heat pumps

The push to curtail our use of fossil fuels and the need to cut ever-increasing costs of property management are reasons that incentives, rebates, and tax credits are available on commercial heat pumps.

Remember that the Inflation Reduction Act included $369 BILLION to help the country move toward more fuel-efficient means of heating and cooling. Heat pumps are one of the best investments in the future.

Plus you can save money with rebates, earn money back in taxes, and significantly reduce your operating costs!

Talk to Elite Heating and Air Conditioning about how a heat pump could help you. We’ve got answers. No excuses. Just results.

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