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Is a Rooftop Unit Right for Your Building? Why They’re So Popular Now

The rooftop unit is a proven concept

Great concepts don’t go away, and the rooftop unit for cooling a building is proof.

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning has seen lots of innovations in the field of commercial air conditioning.

Even though we’ve been in business for almost three decades, we weren’t around for the start of the commercial rooftop units.

Believe it or not, the first rooftop unit was designed by the Carrier Company in the 1920s. The concept was so good that rooftop units are still one of the most popular options in the industry for large-scale heating and cooling a hundred years later.

In fact, demand for the new high-efficiency rooftop units is only expected to grow. According to one report, the global market for commercial rooftop HVAC units was valued at $7.93 billion in 2020. It’s expected to reach $10.38 billion by 2025. That’s a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.5%.

Reasons that rooftop units are a popular option

Rooftop units continue to be a popular option for these reasons:

1)  Space-saving: Commercial rooftop HVAC units are ideal for buildings with limited indoor space. They are installed on the roof, leaving more space inside the building for other purposes. Buildings in most cities do not have room to expand their footprint, so going “up” is the only way to go.

2)   Efficiency: As energy costs skyrocket, it’s important that facilities get the biggest bang for their buck. New, high-efficiency units decrease energy use which ultimately saves businesses money on their energy bills when they invest in new equipment.

3) Maintainability: Commercial rooftop HVAC units are easy to maintain and service. They are usually situated away from the roof edges and have walk-space around them, making it easier for technicians to perform routine maintenance and repairs.

4)   Better air quality: Many rooftop HVAC units come with built-in air filtration systems that can help improve indoor air quality. This is especially important in commercial buildings where many people are present. After COVID, many job applicants even ask about the quality of air in buildings where they’ll be working.

Is a rooftop unit right for you?

Commercial HVAC rooftop units are popular, but they are not the only style of HVAC system used in commercial buildings. Other types of HVAC systems include split systems, package systems, and water-cooled systems.

No matter the age of your building, the purpose of your facility, or the size of your structure, Elite HVAC can work with you to determine the perfect system for your needs. We are proud to work with multiple companies, crafting a custom solution that fits your budget.

Call Elite HVAC for air conditioning and heating needs for buildings in the South Jersey / Philly area.

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