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Why Every Smart Property Manager Needs a Building Automation System

Property managers everywhere face big problems when they don’t have a Building Automation System:

  • They don’t have an easy way to view, monitor, and manage different locations.
  • They don’t have a simple process for controlling assorted HVAC brands and system types in a single interface.
  • They can’t control lights and temperature remotely.

Those common, very big problems can be resolved with a Building Automation System, known in the industry as a “BAS.”

What a Building Automation System can do

A BAS has incredible core functionality.

  • It keeps building climates within specified ranges
  • It provides light to rooms based on an occupancy schedule
  • It monitors performance and checks for device failures in all systems
  • It alerts building maintenance staff to problems by sending malfunction alarms
  •  It significantly reduces building energy and maintenance costs by controlling lighting and temperature.

Why every smart property manager needs a Building Automation System

With a BAS, property managers have the tool they need to create cost savings, avoid problems, and keep their occupants comfortable. (Comfortable occupants equal long-term tenants!)

Property managers benefit from a Building Automation System in many ways.

  • Check the temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality of your buildings at any moment of the day.
  • Give occupants overrides to change temperature setpoints.
  • Gain insights with powerful graphics and dashboards
  • Proactively respond to issues with integrated alarming
  • Pinpoint anomalies with built-in trends
  • Save money by scheduling lighting and temperature reduction in unused spaces
  • Connect lighting systems, variable speed drives, and power meters.
  • Pull in weather reports, third-party schedules, utility data, and more.

From one single-user interface, a property manager can achieve centralized control over their locations.

The i-Vu BAS is the way to go

One of the best BAS systems on the market is the Carrier i-Vu. It can communicate with HVAC and ancillary system components. It gives you a real-time consolidated view of operating conditions, energy usage, and occupant comfort.

The i-Vu is engineered by Carrier – with more than a century of experience – and will give smart property managers unparalleled access and control over their facilities.

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning of South Jersey can help

We have been in business since 1994 and are respected throughout the region for our honesty, reliability, and expertise.

Whether you need a water tower, a rooftop unit, a heat pump, or a split system, Elite HVAC can help you find and install the right system for your building.

Elite HVAC of South Jersey can help property managers with the maintenance, repair, and replacement of the HVAC units. Building Automation Systems is one of our specialties.

Call us with questions. Ask us for a quote.

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